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Vegas Betting Odds

The betting odds in Las Vegas attract more players on a yearly basis than nearly any other reason. Since sports betting is almost entirely limited to the state of Nevada, those who wish to bet will have to make a pilgrimage to Vegas in order to hit the lines. Especially during football season, and doubly so around the Super Bowl, bettors flock to Las Vegas to hit the odds. We are here to give you some idea as to what the odds are in Vegas, as well as a way you can hit the odds without actually being in Nevada - but we will come to this later.

How Vegas Betting Odds Work

Sports odds in Las Vegas come in many flavors. While this could be a good thing for experienced and knowledgeable bettors, this is very confusing for players who have no idea what they are doing. Bets on the money line, which is who will win straight up, the spread, which lets you wager on who will win or lose by how many points, and the total score, which lets you wager on whether the total score will go over or under a predetermined limit, are all available through these odds. These are straight wagers, but there are some slightly more complex types of betting odds.

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Types of Vegas Betting Odds

The good news is that there is a ton of Vegas betting odds. Future betting odds are one type of wager line that you can find, and these will allow you to wager on an event that is set to take place in the future - just as the name suggests. Futures generally come with odds that are high, since wagering on something that exists months down the line is a long shot at best. Then you have parlays - one of the highest paying wager types around. Parlays allow you to combine two or more bets into a higher paying bet. Proposition bets allow players to wager on something outside of the norm - not who will win, but certain outcomes in the event, such as who will win a coin toss, which player will score first, who will have the most yards - well, you get the point. This is just a small list of options that are available for prop bets. Teasers and pleasers are two betting types that allow you to buy and sell points on a spread, turning them into lower or higher payouts.

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BetOnline Sportsbook
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Through BetOnline sportsbook you will see that all of the different types of betting odds found in Las Vegas can be found on their list. BetOnline provides their users with a large number of betting options, covering all of the odds we have listed. They have more than 12 different sports and events on the ballot, covering major American sports, minor sports, individual and team sports alike. BetOnline offers a 25%, $900 match bonus, which comes to all new players. If you live in the United States, deposits can come by way of E-checks, VISA and wire transfers can all be used to fund your account through BetOnline. They process payouts very quickly, enabling you to receive your money in no time at all. BetOnline is simply one of the finest sportsbooks out there, emulating a Vegas style bookie better than most others.

Sports Available To Bet On

Sports are not the only thing you can wager on through a sportsbook. Many bookies have begun to accept odds on various events in the world of entertainment. By entertainment we mean reality TV, the music industry, and some less than common events such as space shuttle launches, celebrity happenings, hot dog eating contests, and even the possibility of an apocalypse. Entertainment betting odds are great for those who do not necessarily care for sports but still want to win some money. Even for those who are sports fans, these odds are a great way to break the tedium or wager on events outside of the sports odds themselves.

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WagerWeb Sportsbook
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Through WagerWeb you will see quite a few different options for entertainment betting. There is no single event that they will not cover, which was proven when they hosted odds on whether or not the world would end in 2012. They will track celebrities, the weather, meteors and more, all to deliver as many types of odds as possible. WagerWeb aims to be one of the most complete books on the market, and entertainment betting odds are one of the best ways they do so. They have many betting types available as well, which can be taken to entertainment and sports odds alike. WagerWeb has a 100% up to $1,000 bonus when you sign up. WagerWeb allows players to make deposits by way of MasterCard, VISA and wire transfers, which will get you into the odds quicker than you could think.

Political Sports Betting

Politics are also subject to betting odds. Politics are frequently subject to betting, and you will see that many online sportsbooks host bets on the different events in the world of politics, particularly American politics. Betting odds on various elections and events are frequent, with betting on the presidential election being the most common. The presidential odds are generally broken down into which individual will win, but also which party will win. You could also see who will win the nomination from the party. State elections can also be bet on, generally with the major states - California, New York, Florida, and Texas. Major politicians will also be subject of betting odds periodically. While not all sportsbooks will cover politics, there are plenty that will.

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Bovada Sportsbook
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Bovada is no stranger to political betting odds, and this is one of the main reasons we had come to their service. Bovada has decided to offer betting odds on many aspects of politics. You will see that they allow their users to lay money on who will win a party's nomination, who will win the presidential election, and the occasional state betting line. Bovada offers a 50% bonus up to $250 on intitial deposit, which will help you hit the bets without any complications. Bovada provides their users with a solid set of deposit options, including VISA, MyPayLinq and wire transfers. Bovada is one of the more trusted sportsbooks, offering fair and easy payouts. You will be able to get your winnings back in your hands in a couple days, which is one of the fastest payouts through any online sportsbook.

Frequently Asked Questions + More Info About Las Vegas Betting Odds

1) Are these betting sites you have listed licensed out of Las Vegas, Nevada?

No. There is currently no framework of laws that allows Vegas based sportsbooks to license a sportsbook online.

2) If these sportsbooks are not licensed in Las Vegas, where are they based?

These sportsbooks are licensed offshore where it is legal for online sportsbooks to operate.

3) Where can I learn more about the types of betting odds you have listed?

If our explanations were not clear enough, you will generally find a list of the different types of odds on any of the sportsbooks we have. Just follow the link and you will be sent where you need to go.

4) Is betting on sports over the Internet illegal?

Not necessarily. The federal laws regarding sports betting online are less than clear. Some states have banned online sports betting however, so look into the laws if you are unsure.

5) If I play a bet while visiting Vegas, can I cash in the winnings when I leave the state?

Yes. Generally speaking you can mail in your betting slip and have them ship you your winnings. This makes betting on futures and parlays a viable option.