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Vegas Tennis Odds

Under the tennis umbrella of betting, the lines are broken up into the different tours. The men's ATP Tour, and the women's WTA Tour are the two featured on sportsbooks. Tennis is played all over the world by many countries, and is one of the most international sports in the world. As such, the popularity of tennis is high, and you might be surprised to realize that Tennis is one of the most bet-on sports in the world. Simply put, there are a ton of great betting lines to get in on for Tennis that are established by online betting sites.

Vegas ATP Betting Odds

ATP Betting lines are set down for the men for every tournament that they play during the season. These are match odds that go from the opening rounds, all the way through to the final. There is no spread installed on these lines, only a money line, or straight up wager to win. As such, we can see some big disparities on the payouts, especially in the first rounds where the top ranked players match up with unseeded players.

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Vegas WTA Betting Odds

WTA lines work just the same as ATP odds from Vegas bookmakers, with a money line set down for every match in a tournament from the first round to the championship final. And like the ATP, the WTA can also see big differences in payouts, sometimes even more so. These are straight bets made on which player will win a particular match.

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Vegas Tennis Prop Betting Odds

Prop Betting odds for both the ATP and WTA are formed on online sportsbooks, and generally have their own separate category to be wagered on. This is purely for organization, rather than different content. The corps of these betting lines are the same. Examples of Tennis props include over/under set totals for matches, the number of aces a particular player might have, or the number of total points played in a match. These are just three examples, as there could be several other props set down for a matchup.

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Vegas Tennis Futures Betting Odds

Tennis Futures lines usually circulate around the four Grand Slams of Tennis. But not all are typically formed and available to be wagered on at the same time. It's usually the upcoming Grand slam on the schedule which bettors are able to place a wager on. From there, the lines are shifted accordingly depending on the outcome of the previous Grand slam, or how the season is progressing in general.

2013 French Open Betting Odds

Novak Djokovic won his third-straight Australian Open, and will now set his sights on the French Open in May. However, Djokovic is not set as the favorite to win there. Despite dealing with injury issues, and not playing in the Australian Open, Rafael Nadal is the overall favorite to win the event. Simply put, he has been too dominant to overlook at the French Open. If healthy, he will certainly warrant the attention from oddsmakers. Nadal is set as an even money favorite, as compared to Djokovic at 13/8. Andy Murray rounds out the top-three favorites at 8/1.

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