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The original of the reality television shows, Survivor ushered in an entirely new era. So you can bet that online sportsbooks take an interest in this show. On this page, the types of betting odds to win Survivor are discussed. Survivor is one of the most unique and exotic shows on television, taking both contestants and viewers alike to remote places around the globe for a once in a lifetime experience on both sides of the camera lens. The same can be said for the betting lines for Survivor, as they are formed for reasons unlike any other. It's not about talent, or looks, crowd favorites. It's about man vs nature, and man vs man, with the ultimate survivor coming out on top.

What's Coming Up? - Survivor Season 26: Caramoan - Fans vs Favorites

* as of 1/29/2013

Survivor Season 26: Fans vs Favorites will premiere on Wednesday, February 13 with many of the most popular contestants from season past scheduled to appear. Caramoan is in the Philippines, a famliar type venue for Survivor over the years. Betting odds for the latest season of Survivor have not yet been formulated. Often times with tape delayed reality shows oddsmakers are hesitant to release betting lines until a live finale or something along those lines.

Las Vegas Survivor Future Odds

Odds to win Survivor are formed and fielded for both the gender of the winner, and the individual contestants. The gender odds obviously come with just two options, a male or a female winner. Both of these lines will be formed up to months in advance of the show.

Because of potential tape delays, we do not usually see the individual betting lines to win Survivor, unless it comes down to the final show where it is announced live. Then, we can see the Vegas betting lines formed, where the payouts could certainly fluctuate more depending on how the season progressed.

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