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Vegas American Idol Odds

American Idol is one of the original reality-based competition shows. It's been around for over a decade, and it seems to be getting more and more popular. The same can be said for American Idol Betting odds. You might be surprised to know that there are several different types of betting odds to wager on American Idol. Here on this page down below, we talk about the different types of betting odds that are available for American Idol, when they become available, and how the bets are won.

Current Odds To Win American Idol From Las Vegas Sportsbooks - American Idol Odds Found At Bovada Sportsbook
  • - For The Males To Win (20/23) -115
  • - For The Females To Win (20/23) -115

* as of 1/29/2013

The 12th season of American Idol premiered earlier in January on a special two-night airing. All of the judges, Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj, and Keith Urban continue to field auditions on the taped-delayed episodes, as with each passing week we get closer to the live perofrmances. That is when we will see the betting odds formed to win american Idol Season 12. Those odds will then be updated weekly as more contestants are eliminated, all the way down to the finals. American Idol betting odds are some of the most popular of any television show, and allow bettors to get in on the action at any point during the season once the live performances get underway.

Las Vegas American Idol Future Odds

The gender betting odds for American Idol might be compared closest to that of futures betting odds in sports. These Vegas odds for American Idol are typically up months in advance for the upcoming season, asking only the gender of the American Idol winner. The payout for both is right around Even Money, but they can sometimes differ depending on the past winners.

Right now, you can see these odds just above this paragraph and bet on American Idol future odds at Bovada today!

Las Vegas Odds To Win American Idol - Live Shows

Once the show gets down to the final 13, newly formed American Idol odds can be wagered on. These odds go from generic, to the specific contestants remaining in the competition. Each is installed with their own individual betting lines, which are adjusted following the conclusion of each week with eliminations.

See all the Vegas Odds On American Idol from Bovada Sportsbook

Vegas Props For Betting On American Idol

With every season, there are changes to the American Idol franchise. As such, American Idol prop betting lines can be formed. Examples of these are most commonly found in the judges. Judges fluctuate in and out of the show every couple of seasons depending on a variety of factors. With that, come the American Idol Prop odds asking about prospective judges. Though these lines are not simply limited to the judges, and can cover a number of topics relating to the show.

See all the Vegas Props For American Idol from Bovada Sportsbook

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