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Vegas NFL Odds

NFL Betting Odds are among the most popular sports betting lines wagered on today. Here on this page, we will discuss all the different NFL wager types that are typically offered at sportsbooks a bit further down. Find out what types of bets are offered at online sportsbooks and what to expect when you visit one.

And, below that you will find betting sites that offer all the same odds from Las Vegas sportsbooks and you can bet on them from the comfort of your couch, right in front of the big screen.

Vegas Betting Odds For NFL Games

NFL Game odds are formed throughout the course of the season for each match up. Oddsmakers will set down a point spread, money line, and game total for all NFL regular season match ups. These are some of the most common types of NFL betting lines formed, and what most think of when wagering on a NFL match up.

Super Bowl XLVII

Super Bowl XLVII will take place on Sunday, February 3 between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. Super Bowl 47 betting lines have installed the 49ers as four-point favorites over the Ravens. Baltimore has been in the role of the underdog for the last two playoff games, with this now the third. The Ravens are 3-0 ATS this postseason so far, while the 49ers are 1-1 ATS in their two playoff games. To cover, San Francisco will need to win by at least five points.

Vegas NFL Player Prop Betting Odds

NFL Player Prop betting odds are formed for every game during the season, but can also relate to other aspects of the season. But most commonly, these NFL players props will be a performance-based betting line formed for specific players going into a match up. For example, the total number of passing yards a quarterback will have during a game can be a player prop. The wager will be set down on the over or under total of that line.

See this week's Vegas NFL Player Props Odds from Bovada Sportsbook

Vegas NFL Team Prop Betting Odds

NFL Team Prop betting odds are betting lines set down that pertain to matchups, but not necessarily directly relate to the outcome of the game. Whereas a point spread would be betting on the outcome of a game, a Team Prop might be a wager on which team scores the first point in the game, or which team has the most turnovers. Basically, they are different wagers on other outcomes outside of the end result.

See this week's Vegas NFL Team Props Odds from Bovada Sportsbook

Vegas NFL Future Betting Odds

NFL Futures wagers are definitely one of the most popular betting odds when it comes to the NFL. Super Bowl Futures lines are probably the most common. NFL Futures odds is a type of straight wager, but predicting an outcome well into the future. As we said before the Super Bowl is an example of this, as Super Bowl betting lines are up almost all year long even in the offseason on through the regular season.

Vegas NFL Preseason Betting Odds

Just like NFL Game Odds are formed for the regular season, so too are odds formed for the NFL preseason. These preseason odds can be a bit more tricky for oddsmakers when setting the line though, because the starters for both teams are not in the game the whole time. Playing time varies for each starter on the different teams. But these preseason odds on the whole are no different, with a point spread installed, along with an over/under game total. Typically, you don't see a money line wager in preseason.

See Vegas NFL Preseason Odds from Bovada Sportsbook (only available during preseason)

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