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Vegas MLB Odds

Here on this page we talk about the different types of betting odds when it comes to Major League Baseball. Let's face it, there are no more betting opportunities out there than when it comes to the sport of baseball. MLB is double the regular season of the nearest sport, plus the postseason. We are talking about 162+ betting opportunities for teams during the season. And there are a variety of different types of betting lines available for MLB. Find Las Vegas Betting Odds for Major League Baseball here on this page and find out what types of bets are offered.

Vegas Betting Odds For MLB Games

Every game on the Major League Baseball schedule is installed with game odds. The first betting line is a run-line. Here, the favorite is installed on the run line, which is typically a 1.5-run spread across the board. Second, there is a money line, or straight up wager installed on the team to win the game outright. Finally, we have a game total that is set down for the number of runs scored. Combine this with all of the games on the schedule throughout season, and there are a ton of betting lines out there.

Vegas MLB Player Prop Betting Odds

MLB Player prop odds are similar to that of any type of player prop line installed. These player props are performance-based, most commonly found for each game. A player's total number of hits, runs scored, and RBIs are the most common forms of player props odds set down for Major League Baseball. A total is installed, for which the wager is placed on the over or the underside of the betting line to win.

See this week's Vegas MLB Player Props Odds from Bovada Sportsbook

Vegas MLB Team Prop Betting Odds

MLB Team odds are a bit different from sports like football and baseball. That is because the runs scored are not as high, so it's more difficult to bet on run benchmarks. But there are still other types of team props available. These include as examples, teams with the most hits, a team to hit the most home runs, and other facets of the game that are similar.

Check Out Vegas MLB Team Props Odds from Bovada Sportsbook

Vegas MLB Future Betting Odds

The most common type of MLB Futures is a bet on the team to win the upcoming or current season's World Series. World Series futures are set down generally following the conclusion of the World Series in the previous season. This is a straight wager, in which a bet is placed on which team will win the World Series for the upcoming season. Other examples of a futures wager might including League championship odds, and division odds.

2013 World Series Odds

The Toronto Blue Jays are the favorites coming into the 2013 Major League Baseball Season, installed at 7/1 on World series betting lines. This is the first time that the Blue Jays have been preseason favorites in a long time, if ever. Typical favorites like the Yankees and Red Sox are well down the line. Behing the Blue Jays are a couple of National League teams in the L.A Dodgers and the Washington Nationals. Check back during the season once it gets started in april for updated odds, and during the season.

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