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Vegas College Basketball Odds

College Basketball is arguably the most bet-on sport in the United states for a one-month period during March Madness. But outside of that, college basketball teams play over 30 games during the season. Not to mention the fact that there are over 300 Division I teams in college basketball. That's quite a few wagering opportunities at online sportsbooks. Below on this page, we breakdown the different types of bets that can be made on college basketball to give you all of the information necessary, whether you are a novice bettor, or the avid fan these Vegas Betting Odds will have something for you.

Vegas Betting Odds For College Basketball Games

College basketball game lines are formed throughout the course of the season, all the way through the tournament to the national championship matchup. These betting odds include a point spread, a money line, and a game total for the two teams. College basketball games are played on all days during the week, with most playing at least twice. So the turnover on the odds is definitely fast-paced, with the rankings changing every week just like the betting lines.

Vegas College Basketball Player Prop Betting Odds

Player prop odds in college basketball cover a wide range of facets for a game. Point totals, rebound totals, steals, assists, or a combination thereof can also be considered under the player prop umbrella when wagering on a player's performance. The total number points a player will score, or rebounds they will have are two examples of player props for a game. A number is installed as the line, with the wager made on the over and under total.

See all the Vegas College Basketball Player Props Odds from Bovada Sportsbook

Vegas College Basketball Team Prop Betting Odds

College basketball team props are set down for a variety of games each day during the season. Because of the sheer amount of games being played each day in college basketball, not every game is covered. But most of the top-25 teams and the teams from the bigger conference will likely be installed with team props. These team props match the two teams head-to-head, on things such as the first team to score in the game, or reach a benchmark like 20 points. These are just two examples, as there could be many more.

See all the Vegas College Basketball Team Props Odds from Bovada Sportsbook

Vegas College Basketball Future Betting Odds

College Basketball Futures odds most commonly refer to the betting odds for a team to win the current or future season's national championship. These odds are usually formed immediately following the national championship game from the previous season, and available to be wagered on almost all year, including on into the season.

2013 College Basketball Championship Vegas Odds - College Basketball Future Odds Found At Bovada Sportsbook
  • Kentucky 13/2
  • Indiana 8/1
  • Louisville 17/2
  • North Carolina 14/1
  • UCLA 15/1
  • Duke 18/1
  • Kansas 18/1
  • Ohio State 18/1
  • Michigan 20/1
  • North Carolina State 20/1
  • Syracuse 20/1
  • Arizona 25/1
  • Florida 25/1
  • Florida State 25/1
  • Michigan State 25/1
  • Missouri 30/1
  • Memphis 35/1
  • UNLV 35/1
  • Stanford 40/1
  • Texas 40/1
  • Baylor 50/1
  • Cincinnati 50/1
  • Creighton 50/1
  • Georgetown 50/1
  • San Diego State 50/1
  • Tennessee 50/1
  • Wisconsin 50/1
  • Gonzaga 55/1
  • Pittsburgh 60/1
  • Alabama 65/1

* last updated August 31st, 2012

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