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Vegas Amazing Race Odds

If you fancy a journey around the world, than The Amazing Race might be the adventure for you. Sets of teams go all around the globe to compete for the grand prize, encountering a number of difficult obstacles and tests along the way. Online Sportsbooks often join in on the action as well, installing odds for the winner of the show. These betting odds are formed at the beginning of the show. Further down below on this page, find out about the Amazing Race Betting Odds and what they entail when looking to place a wager.

What's Coming Up? - The Amazing Race 21

* as of 1/29/2013

The latest season of The Amazing Race concluded back in September of 2012, with the upcoming season planned for spring of 2013 in May. As always with every new season, we can probably expect some exciting new changes to be announced in the coming months. Details for the next season of the Amazing Race, which will be the 22nd, have yet to emerge. When the show premiere date is announced, oddsmakers will take a look at the teams and formulate betting odds to win the contest. Vegas odds can be tricky with reality tv shows that are taped. We are working with bookmakers to try to get some lines posted and to be notified when they are. If and when these become available, this is going to be the place to find them so please bookmark the page and keep checking back.

Las Vegas Amazing Race Future Odds

Betting odds to win the Amazing Race are formed for the different teams in the competition, installing favorites and underdogs from the start. However, these odds might not always be present for each episode, because the shows are often taped well in advance. The Amazing Race betting lines are a bit different because of this fact. They are also not offered as often as other shows with live eliminations or evictions each week. But when they are offered, lines for each team to win the competition are set down.

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